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Soulful Tarot and Astrology for the Divine Feminine

Soulful Tarot and Astrology for the Divine Feminine

Soulful Tarot and Astrology for the Divine Feminine Soulful Tarot and Astrology for the Divine Feminine Soulful Tarot and Astrology for the Divine Feminine

connecting you to your inner empress


    About Empress Insider

    On "The Empress" card in the traditional tarot deck, a regal woman sits on her beautiful throne wearing a starry crown She holds a scepter in one hand- representing the immense power she wields over her own life. Her crown is jeweled with twelve stars- representing total dominance over the calendar year. And her throne, placed in the midst of a bountiful field of grain, represents her dominion over manifestation, creative potential and her fertility- in thought and deed.

    She embodies the creation of life, romance, art, beauty, or a new start in career or business.

    We can all learn a lot from the energy she embodies. 

    Once we find and tap in to the royalty within ourselves, we can better move forward in with sovereignty over our lives. We become better equipped to attract the lives we want- to realize the highest version of ourselves in all areas. When we are in tune with our true inner power and ability to co-create with God, Goddess and the universal laws, we begin to see, feel and accept that abundance is truly our birthright.

    About me


    Greetings! I'm Chriss, an 80s baby/90s kid with a love for things beautiful and mysterious. 

    I am a certified tarot reader trained by Brigit Esselmont, founder of, the largest online tarot community in the world.  I have experienced first hand how empowering use of the Tarot can be. 

    The Tarot is an amazing tool for inward exploration and self-discovery for me and the many clients who have trusted me to read for them and I'm thrilled to offer this service to others as they make moves forward towards their greatest good. 

    I believe that God/Goddess/Creator/Spirit (just a few of the many names)  has endowed human beings with many gifts that transcend the physical plane in which we live. I find that divination, especially tarot and astrology, are wonderful tools provided for us to help identify and navigate the unseen energies that exist to help, or at times, hold us back. 

    Allow me to help you illuminate your next right step.

    Tarot Offerings


    General readings

    Career/Work and Money readings

    Self-Love readings

    Romantic Love readings

    Astrology Offerings

    Basic natal chart interpretation

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    NOTE: EI is not accepting readings from Feb 10- March 2 2020

    Booking a Reading

    Select the type of reading you would like below. After your booking is complete, you will receive an email with a survey for you to provide me with more information about you and your question. After you return the survey, an audio recording of your reading  will be sent you the email address you provide within 4 days.



    General Reading- One Question (RECORDED READING)

    Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

    Just want a quick check in on the current energy around you? This 5 card spread will give you insight on your present, past and incoming energy as well as what's going on above and below you regarding the situation you have in mind. 



    Career/Work Reading- One Question (RECORDED READING)

    Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

    This reading is for you if you find yourself at a crossroads in you career, in between employment and looking for a nod in the right direction. Also consider this reading if you want a little insight on how to best curate your career or how to execute a change in how you make a living. 



    Self-Love Reading: One Question (RECORDED READING)

    Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

    This reading is for you if you find yourself seeking advice on issues about yourself that you want more insight into. Sometimes issues like just below the surface of your consciousness that adversely affect the way you show yourself love or make yourself feel accepted and supported. This reading will help lend insight on steps you could take to better nurture yourself and move deeper into your personal self-love journey. 



    Romantic Love Reading- One Question (RECORDED READING)

    Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

    This reading is for you if you find yourself stuck in your love life and wanting some clarity on your current path to mutual, romantic love. Perhaps a recent breakup has you unsettled or you are wondering what you could do at this time to bring more romantic love in to your life. Maybe you are in a relationship presently and would like insight on the current underlying atmosphere of your relationship. ** this reading will remain centered around the person who booked the reading (you) as I will not read for the other party unless to inform you of issues as they present themselves in the cards that are drawn. 


    Tarot Talk-Thru (PHONE READING)

    Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

    Let's talk about it! Via phone using the tarot, we will talk through your current issue with of of the areas listed above.


    ADD-ON: RUSH service (To receive your reading within 24hrs.)

    Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

    Please add this service on to any reading for emergency readings. You will receive your reading as a recorded .mp3 file via email within 24 hours of your booking.


    What people say about empress insider

    "Accurate, meaningful and insightful"

    5 stars for sure! So accurate, meaningful and insightful! My reading has given me some great perspective and confirmation of things already in play. Thank you so much! Keep reading – you’re making a difference! -Michele

    "This reading was perfect"

    Thank you so much. And I totally believe what you said is whats happening. This reading was perfect, thank you so much for doing this for me. - Amy

    "You are straight-forward and also gentle"

    Thank you for the lovely reading. You have a nice, even tone — straightforward and also gentle.  Much of what you say resonates for me, especially the need to take time and chill before jumping into something new. Your reading has given me a new perspective on that urge, realizing it’s something I must overcome.  Thanks again! -Kelly

    "You are obviously very good at following your intuition"

    LOVE this reading so much! You’re obviously very good at following your intuition, which is definitely something I need to improve on. Thank you so much, I love your suggestions and insights!

    "You have inspired and empowered me in so many ways."

    Wow!!! thank you ever so much you were spot on with this reading and the time that you have spent on receiving the messages that I so needed at the moment has helped me so much. You have inspired and empowered me in so many ways.  Can't thank you enough, you're amazing and I can’t thank you enough.  Love and Light -Susan

    "It has been most helpful"

    Many thanks for your reading and the explanation provided of what you asked and what the cards showed you.  It has been most helpful.  Thanks and Regards  -M

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